How to Care For a Dog After Pyometra Surgery

After a dog has undergone pyometra surgery, it is important to follow certain guidelines for their recovery. The following is a quick guide on how to care for a dog after pyometra surgery. Depending on the specific surgery, your pet may need assistance urinating. During this time, you can use a sling, like a blanket or a towel, to help them. Make sure to hold them gently, so they don’t irritate or aggravate the surgical site. It may be helpful to record their urination so you can watch them, but take care not to get bitten.

A crate may not be necessary after most procedures. However, some pets do not tolerate crate rest and should be given limited indoor access. This can lead to a period of itchiness or a lack of stimulation. To help keep your pet happy and occupied, offer them gentle games. Toys should not cause them to jump or stretch. Limit the number of toys your dog has to one or two and rotate them regularly.

While medical therapy is not always successful, surgery is the best option for dogs with pyometra. Infected uteri may be removed from the dog through a surgical procedure. This procedure will remove the entire uterus and cervix. Although the surgery may be challenging and requires extra support, recovery time is quick. Most dogs recover quickly from the surgery. Antibiotics may be given to counter the infection.


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