how accurate is embark dnahow accurate is embark dna

The accuracy of a DNA test for your dog’s breed can vary widely, and it is important to choose a company with a solid reputation for accuracy. Wisdom Panel does not specify the degree of accuracy for each of their tests. Instead, the company states that the test’s results depend on the quality of the genetic sample. Generally speaking, dogs that are purebred have the best chance of accuracy.

One major advantage of using the Wisdom Panel is that it uses about half as many genetic markers as the Embark. While the latter uses nearly 200,000 markers, the former makes it easier for genetic scientists to map the DNA of dogs. The smaller number of markers allows genetic scientists to save time and resources by strategically selecting the most relevant markers. The test also compares the results of dogs with the breed database created by the Wisdom Panel.

The Wisdom Panel analyzes about 20,000 genetic markers, with 1,800 used to identify breed and the rest for diseases. The basic panel reveals a breed’s genetic history, two mutations, and a small risk of displaced eyeball. Those looking for more information can opt for the health panel which includes a full flight of genetic conditions. Wisdom Panel also offers a health-related panel to determine if your dog has any inherited diseases.

While the Wisdom Panel provides valuable information on a dog’s ancestry, the company has several other advantages. First, it offers the most breeds in its database at press time. It also has a robust online portal for its customers. In addition, Embark DNA enables you to find relatives and plan playdates with long-lost cousins. On the other hand, DNA My Dog is the cheapest option and is processed much quicker than the other two brands.

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While it is important to note that DNA tests for dogs are highly accurate, the company may hide or consider “at risk” results for certain breeds. Some breeds do not exhibit symptoms of clinical disease. The company responds to questions quickly, but their answers are not always accurate. Customers can share their dashboard with other people to share the results with them. Wisdom Panel has helped over 3 million pet parents, and their results are highly detailed.

While the company refuses to state the exact number of markers it examines, the results do provide important information on the breed of your dog. The number of markers it tests isn’t disclosed, but it does give you a general idea of age and genetic age. The company also provides genetic age estimates for adult shelter dogs. It is important to remember that Wisdom Panel dog DNA tests are not 100% accurate, but they are still highly useful.

DNA samples are processed by a USDA-accredited laboratory by Wisdom Panel. Independent third-party genetic specialists and canine experts review the results. It is then returned via email. The results are accurate to 1% and cover 350 breeds. This data helps owners tailor their training, nutrition, and health care to their dog’s needs. If you have a genetic disease, you’ll be able to determine its cause, and take action accordingly.


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