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Dogs require a balanced diet that includes meat, fruit and veggies, treats and healthy treats for optimal health. Treats can be used for training purposes or just snacking – selecting treats should look for ingredients such as proteins, veggies and fiber that support their nutritional needs – avoid those known to cause food allergies and sensitivities and consult veterinarians, pet experts and consumers when selecting your treats for maximum effectiveness. We consulted veterinarians, pet experts and consumers when finding our top picks!

We focused on finding treats that were low-cal and made with quality, natural ingredients; treats suitable for a range of diets and lifestyles; ease of preparation at home and whether or not they were safe to eat (not just chocolate!).

Peanut butter is one of the most frequently used treat ingredients by dog owners, as it provides protein and healthy fats that dogs need for optimal health. But not all peanut butter treats are created equal; when selecting one for use as treats it’s important to read labels thoroughly as not all brands contain equal levels of nutrients and calories for your pup’s enjoyment. It’s also important to pay attention to how much peanut butter your pet eats as excessive consumption could lead to weight gain and digestive problems in later life.

Bananas are another healthy treat option that’s rich in potassium and vitamin C, and can help balance out pH in urine production. Bananas may help ease digestive tract issues in dogs as well as helping balance out pH balance in urine production; however, as with strawberries they contain high amounts of sugar so be mindful how many you give your pup at any one time.

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Freeze-dried or dehydrated fruits and vegetables make great healthy treats for dogs because they pack lots of vital nutrients into a small, tasty bite-size treat. Furthermore, these treats can promote dental health by helping remove plaque build-up off teeth. When selecting these treats it’s essential that they be labeled human grade or produced to the same standards as human products.

Finally, we targeted treats with low sodium content to minimize potential kidney and heart issues in dogs as well as digestive difficulties that could potentially harm their livers.

These healthy dog treats provide your pup with essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for his or her skin and coat health, plus fiber and probiotics to aid with digestion and immune system functioning.

These chews are crafted with organic coconut, providing essential vitamins and minerals. Coconut is also rich in antioxidants which can help boost energy and reduce inflammation in dogs. Furthermore, this treat is vegan-made without animal by-products or artificial flavors or colors – plus no additional sugar is added or gluten is present!

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