Earning the Dog Care Merit Badge

By BobJ May24,2023

dog care merit badge

Dogs are trusted companions who offer comfort to those struggling with loneliness. Additionally, these intelligent, playful and energetic animals can be taught tasks such as fetching sticks or catching frisbees. Scouts learning the dog care merit badge learn how to properly care for these furry companions by participating in activities designed to test their understanding of what dogs need for a happy, healthy existence.

Scouts seeking this badge must read through a merit badge pamphlet, attend an instruction class with an adult counselor, and fulfill each requirement of this merit badge. These requirements include learning about the history and role of dogs in society as well as feeding, training, exercising, grooming bathing vaccinating their own pet dog for two months as part of this requirement. They should keep a log documenting feeding schedules, food types eaten amounts consumed weekly body weight records grooming bathing grooming visits costs plus flea and tick control methods used.

A dog’s quality of life depends on diet, exercise and socialization – three major responsibilities of dog ownership. Learning how to train and discipline their canine can make taking care of your pets much simpler!

Scouts who pursue this merit badge provide community service by training service dogs for disabled veterans or visiting schools, nursing homes and hospitals with comfort dogs as comfort animals. Some troops even host fundraisers to purchase Kevlar vests for K9 police officers and animal-sized oxygen masks for fire departments.

Working alongside an experienced Boy Scout leader and earning the Dog Care Merit Badge merit badge will allow you to give back to our community while also earning one yourself! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

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Counselor Joe Quin has owned and raised two dogs throughout his lifetime, which has given him invaluable experience when it comes to caring for these magnificent animals. With a passion for dog training and an affinity for all pets alike, he’s eager to share this knowledge and expertise with Scouts!

Scouts BSA members of all ages and experience can take part in the dog care merit badge course. To register online and receive participation instructions from your counselor, registering with them by providing their address online as well as having their parents or guardians sign the Youth Release Waiver and Scout Promise documents, while adhering to Scout Law during each class session. Once completed, an completed merit badge application should be turned in directly to them at the conclusion. Due to limited space availability, not everyone who registers may be able to take part; therefore we advise signing up early so as not be disappointed later down the line!

By BobJ

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