Causes of Your Dog Urinating in House

By BobJ May18,2023
your housebroken
your housebroken


Your housebroken dog suddenly begins peeing inside your home despite having been fully trained, which poses serious threats to his or her health and cleanliness. Urine contains valuable information that other dogs can smell that tells them about its owner’s age, sexual status and health condition – so it is imperative that the cause for his or her sudden change in potty habits be identified quickly.

Behavior in dogs can be affected by many different influences, from food or beverage changes to excitement when meeting an old acquaintance or anxiety due to noises like thunder and fireworks, new pets or people in the household, or changes in routine.

Under certain conditions, dogs may begin urinating inside due to dominance issues or anxiety. These issues are usually treatable through working with a Certified Veterinary Behaviorist or dog trainer.

Your dog’s behavior could also be altered by an infection such as urinary tract infection (UTI). If this seems like the case for your pup, make an appointment with the vet right away in order to assess any medical problems that need treating immediately.

Submissive or excited urination are also two causes of inappropriate urination. Submissive urination is a behavior often observed among puppies and young dogs that occurs when feeling shy, nervous or scared and serves as a way for them to express their desire to submit to someone or something – this behavior often manifests with signs like crouching down, showing their belly or panting as indicators that your dog is feeling this way.

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Excited urination occurs when an overly excited dog uses urine as a mark of their territory to mark themselves and mark it – particularly female dogs going through reproductive hormones. Signs that your dog may be marking include small amounts of urine in various locations throughout your home or even an overwhelming scent throughout it all.

dog behavior urinating in house

It is essential not to hit or yell at your dog when they have accidents in the home, as this will only make them feel worse and further anxiety-induced. Instead, use paper towels to thoroughly blot and scrub the area using an enzymatic cleaner which will eliminate odor.

Avoid rubbing any dirty spots as this will spread bacteria further and lead to an infection. Furthermore, never use harsh chemicals or bleach as these will irritate your pet further and could lead to additional accidents. Finally, never ignore an accident at home or try to hide it as this will only confuse and upset them further; leading them down an unfortunate path to more frequent indoor accidents in future.


By BobJ

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